Kona Coffee on Hedera

🏝️☕️ Hedera's first retail token! Hodl $KONA or exchange for authentic 100% Kona coffee beans

The Mouth on Hedera

The Mouth is a Web3 media collective that's all about community ownership, transparency, and decentralized governance. It's aims to incentivize collaborations, ensure message verifiability, and boost audience engagement.

The Mouth operates on the principles of decentralization and trust lessness. It leverages the Hedera Hashgraph Network to ensure that all operations within the platform are transparent, fair, and immutable.

Hyzen.ai on Hedera

HAI Bot is an AI suite offering a range of advanced features such as Natural Language Processing, Text-to-Speech Transformation, Text-to-Image Generation, Text-to-Video Production, and Text-to-Music Composition.

Their $HAI token plays a role within their AI ecosystem, facilitating participation in various activities, unlocking exclusive benefits, and serving as a form of payment for the AI services offered.

SpaceApe Meme token exchange on Hedera

SpaceApe is a meme coin currently available on the Hedera network.

Silkswap DEX exchange on Hedera

Silkswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is smart node based and built Hedera. It provides 0% slippage swaps along with many other services planned and/or coming soon.

SauceInu on Hedera

SauceInu is a meme coin and an INU-Themed cartoon concept derived from the Sauce token. The objective is to actively promote SaucerSwapLabs and Hedera

Kabila App on Hedera

Kabila App is an All-in-One Hub for Creators & Communities on Hedera.

Applications include the Kabila self-custody wallet, the Kabila NFT launchpad, toolkits to create and manage NFTs, a Hedera NFT Market place, a Web 3 Academy and soon social Plazas.

Grelf on Hedera

GRELF is a meme coin currently available on the Hedera network. GRELF is based around a weird and conventionally unappealing character named, "Gerbert the Grelf" who lives under a stump in an enchanted forest. Gerbert the Grelf was originally created on Hedera as a spokesman for the CREETS NFT project.

Twigital on Hedera

Tokenized Digital Twins. - Twigital™ (twin-digital) is a novel application that creates tokenized digital twins. These assets come in the form of 3D objects and will become the building blocks utilized to populate spatial computing environments and is built on Hedera Hashgraph.

BambuMeta on Hedera

BambuMeta is a web3 customer engagement service (loyalty programs) and is built on Hedera Hashgraph.

Pangolin on Hedera

Pangolin is a multichain decentralized digital assets exchange (DEX) that has launched on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

Shift Markets on Hedera

Shift Markets offers Hedera Hashgraph based assets and yield to 70+ exchanges and other Web3 clientele and provides trading, payments, and yield-earning opportunities to its clients.

Road Code on Hedera

Road Code offers fans community platform ownership through content access tokens, in-game assets and digital collectibles all built on Hedera Hashgraph.

Mintbar NFT on Hedera

Mintbar is this online dApp tool that allows you to easily mint Hedera Hashgraph NFT's.

Managed Guardian Service on Hedera

The Managed Guardian Service (MGS) is a SaaS solution being marketed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for businesses that are developing apps for emissions reporting, carbon offset, and renewable energy credit creation & is built on Hedera Hashgraph.

khosmium on Hedera

Khosmium is a Triple A game that combines the most successful game modes (MOBA, RPG and RTS) as you have never seen before.

Powered by the decentralised Hedera Hashgraph technology.

DaVincigraph on Hedera

Token Management Suite on Hedera specializing in token locking, token vesting, token burning, on-chain token management, and token logo curation, we empower your ventures on Hedera's network.

Curios on Hedera

Curios offers Web3 tools and APIs that make utilizing blockchain technologies easier. Curios currently integrates with 7 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Binance, Avalanche, Near/Aurora, and Hedera Hashgraph.

NFT Raffle on Hedera

Amari is the home for NFT raffles. Built on Hedera, the most used and sustainable DLT. Here you can find raffles for a wide variety of Hedera NFTs. You can create your own raffle. This is a fun way to buy/sell NFTs.

Digital Commodity Exchange on Hedera

Digital Commodity Exchange (DCX) is the home of a range of agricultural commodity trading platforms and built on Hedera Hashgraph.

Lokkaroom on Hedera

A mobile-first fan experience platform for clubs and athletes of all sports to create their own digital economies by enhancing the fan experience built on Hedera Hashgraph.

Lokkaroom enables the delivery of meaningful and rewarding experiences that maximize fan participation through innovative engagement opportunities.

Legends of the past mobile game on Hedera

A movie streaming platform currently being built out on the Hedera network. Pay Per Second (PPS) or a One-Time Buy option.

Legends of the past mobile game on Hedera

Legends of the Past is a web3 mobile game built on Hedera Hashgraph and based on the people who shaped History, such as Cleopatra, Da Vinci, Frida Kahlo, Martin Luther King, Socrates

Astra Nova on Hedera

Astra Nova is a Web3 Gaming company that is building on Hedera Hashgraph.

The Deviants (NFT Collection) are the first inhabitants of free-to-play Astra Nova MetaRPG game they are in the process of building.

Flowcarbon on Hedera

Flowcarbon, a carbon removal and reduction solution will use the open source Guardian software built on Hedera Hashgraph to provide digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) capabilities.

Deragods on Hedera

Deragods is a unique collection of digital NFT collectible gods minted on Hedera Hashgraph and who exist to create an immersive and engaging world in the metaverse and its digital ecosystem counterpart for its holders.

Xeni on Hedera

Xeni is a B2B travel selling platform that is built on Hedera Hashgraph and utilizes HTS/HCS to streamline the travel selling process & provides its customers with a decentralized accounting & settlement solution.

Hedera Coinflip on Hedera

Hedera Coinflip is a game of chance coin flip built on Hedera Hashgraph

HaitiPay on Hedera

HaitiPay is a Central Bank Digital Currency Proof of Concept mobile payment network built on Hedera Hashgraph by EMTECH and will provide local and cross border e-payments.

LittleChap Club on Hedera

The Littlechap club is an NFT collection minted on Hedera Hashgraph and centered on community, value, and growth.

Verde Blocks on Hedera

Verde Blocks built by American PowerNet will leverage Hedera Hashgraph's distributed ledger technology (DLT) to enable the purchase of transparent, trustless, public, verifiable, renewable power.

Capture App on Hedera

Capture App powered by Numbers Protocol is a decentralized web3 app that is built on Hedera Hashgraph and instantly turns photos and videos into an NFT.

Seva.Love on Hedera

SEVA.LOVE is a transformational Web3 Platform for Good, powering Metahuman adventures in the Metaverse and built on Hedera Hashgraph.

The Fugatives Club on Hedera

The Fugitives Club is a collection of NFT's minted Hedera Hashgraph that represent the iconic masks worn to talk to the souls of the dead and inspired by the time-honored tradition and Mexican festival, Day of the Dead.

Tolam on Hedera

Tolam Earth is built on Hedera Hashgraph and allows organizations to identify, price, buy, and sell carbon offsets through a streamlined digital interface.

Bird Token on Hedera

Bird Token is a meme, NFT, token detective built on the Hedera blockchain.

Zoop Cards on Hedera

Zoop Cards are a play, earn, and swap blockchain gamification that that is launching on Hedera and allows users to Buy, Sell, Trade and Barter officially licensed Digital Celebrity Collectibles.

Hashgraph.name on Hedera

Hashgraph.Name is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system built on the Hedera Hashgraph

Xoge meme coin on Hedera

Xoge is a multiply chain tipping and meme trading coin that is currently launched on Algorand, Stellar, Ripple, Hedera and more coming soon.

Dazzleducks on Hedera

Dazzleducks are a 3d NFT Project created on Hedera Hashgraph.

Tejouri on Hedera

Tejouri is a global, digital vault enabling the upload and secure storage of documents ranging from contracts & financial certificates, to images & multimedia and built on Hedera.

Rivia Stable Coin on Hedera

Rivia ($rUSD) is a stable and verifiably backed 1:1 Stablecoin built on Hedera.

Hedera Sentient on Hedera

Hedera Sentient allows you to to discover NFT Art on the Hedera Hashgraph Network. You can Mint, collect, trade and explore. Built on Hedera and Azure. Powered by Hashpack.

Lil Monki on Hedera

Lil Monki is an NFT Collection tokenized on Hedera.

Karate Combat on Hedera

Karate Combat, a full-contact martial arts league, is issuing $KARATE governance tokens on Hedera.

The company plans to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Under the DAO structure, $KARATE token holders will determine the league’s budget, resource allocation, supplier selection, marketing strategy, rule changes and – within boundaries set by the league’s fight operations group – fighter contracts and fight match-up selections.


Clout.art is a web3 community-driven sourcing, curation and NFT launch platform for contemporary creators and their patrons, they recently moved from Polygon over to Hedera.

Flash Wallet

Flash Wallet App is built to store NFTs and Tokens, it is built for Hedera hashgraph.


IOWNME by Iprivata is built on Hedera and allows individuals to manage their digital assets, identity, and brand.


NFTier is a NFT Launchpad and App built on Hedera that allows the user to view their NFT portfolio value, rankings and scores.

Lucky Token

Lucky Token is a gambling token on HTS/Hedera.

LG Art Lab

LG Art Lab by LG Electronics is a NFT marketplace which is built on Hedera and allows users to buy and sell NFTs directly from their LG TV.

Reptilian Secret Society

Reptilian Secret Society is a NFT project on Hedera where holders reap exponential rewards.

DailyMed Explorer by Acoer

DailyMed Explorer by Acoer uses Hedera to publicly verify data changes and insightfully visualizes the DailyMed Drug Database provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.


Coforge is bringing a Hedera based invoice discounting soluion to market which allows easy processing of invoice discounting with suppliers, buyers, financial institutions and regulators.

It's Mynt

It's Mynt is built with Hedera and offers exclusive HBAR NFTs and Digital Content from your favorite Music Artists.


Wallawallet is a software wallet dedicated to the Hedera ecosystem which provides Ledger compatibility and native staking.

Hangry Barboons

Hangry Barboons is an Hedera (HBAR) NFT Project


Wallypto by LG Electronics is a safe self-hosted wallet managing virtual assets such as Hedera cryptocurrency and NFT's, providing essential features for using the decentralized applications (dApps).

Clink Social

Clink Social is a geosocial network & gaming platform being built on the Flow Blockchain and Hedera, that aims to be the social layer of the metaverse.

Buidler Labs

Buidler Labs is developing a set of open source tools and libraries such as Strato JS to power HeadStarter IDO Launchpad and community applications on Hedera.

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank is issuing an Australian stablecoin A$DC and seeks to build DeFi, both on Hedera.

Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network is incorporating the new universal digital coupon standard (AI-8112), which uses Hedera for trust and validation.

Citadel Hardware Wallet

Citadel hardware wallet is being developed from ground up with Hedera network's architecture and technology in mind.

It is purposely built to support Hedera's native cryptocurrency HBAR and all other services unique to the DLT, such as Native Tokens, Scheduled Transactions, HCS and more.


HederaStarter is an incubator launchpad platform on the Hedera Hashgraph Network.


h.Society by Societal Labs is being developed and will be an Open World MMO, Play & Earn game, with Hedera Hashgraph NFT & Smart Contract integration.

Ledger Works

Ledger Works is a Web3 Platform-as-a-Service on the Hedera Network. Accelerating enterprise adoption of public ledgers.

nft Grade

NFT Grade facilitates trust and confidence in Web3 by generating FREE condition reports of NFTs on the Ethereum, Hedera, and Polygon networks.

The Realm

The Realm is an Esports game where users compete to earn.

Match data is logged on Hedera as an immutable record of events.


Qples allow retailers and manufacturers to build, launch, and track universal digital coupons (AI 8112), which uses Hedera to provide trust.

Music Battles

Music Battles is a mobile play to earn game / music show entering the NFT & Metaverse space and built on Hedera.


ValueNature is building a biodiversity credit solution on the Hedera open source Guardian.

Acme Labs NFT

Acme Labs allows you to buy, sell and experience digital art and collectibles in virtual places.

NFTs of digital art and collectibles by Chuck Jones that are minted on Hedera.

Lost Explorers NFTS

Lost Explorers are unique digitally hand drawn characters minted on Hedera. Holding the NFTs will give holders exclusive benefits


Venly is an infrastructure solutions provider that provides Hedera developers with tools which include the Venly Wallet, Venly Market, Shopify app, and NFT APIs


Vavelverse is a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) being built on Hedera, by Vavel Game Studios.

Nature Collectibles

Nature Collectibles is a fundraising NFT Collection by the Porini Foundation and built on Hedera.

Nature Collectibles are unique digital representations of endangered species connected to a nature conservation project.

Tangent Finance

Women in Data, Visionaries is a private NFT collection, built on Hedera.

Unlike other NFTs, Visionaries are not for sale. Instead, each Women in Data member will receive an NFT as a token that represents their membership and support of WiD for that year.


Heliswap is the first DEX on the Hedera network supporting swaps between HTS, ERC20s and HBAR. Completely trustless and permissionless. Built on the Hedera Smart Contract Service.

Bartr Group

Bartr Group is a decentralised telecom network protocol being built on Hedera.

The Bartr Solution enables Telecom network operators to move away from captive, trust-based and centralized revenue models and allows real-time user-agnostic charging on a micro-payment level.

Bartr Protocol will replace legacy systems, enabling real-time settlement in Layr Tokens as the industry-native universally accepted unit of account and valuable exchange, and removing the unnecessary cash flow burden and credit risk for telecom businesses, freeing up cash resources for more efficient use by network and wholesale operators.

Energy Trade Token

Energy Trade Token built on Hedera that tracks energy use in large systems infrastructure/IoT for ESG requirements.

ETT (Also ETTR) is designed for IoT energy monitoring purposes, and to allow companies to accurately assess energy usage across large scale infrastructure for their ESG reporting requirements, and the token can be used to trade via ratio with other tokens for carbon offset credits etc.

Trustury by Meeco

Trustury built by Meeco provides a powerful and simple open-source interface that will support the growth of the Guardian.

It enables people to manage, visualize, and share trusted information associated with tokens and decentralised identifiers within the Hedera ecosystem.


Arkhia is an enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider empowering blockchain & distributed-ledger developers that uses Hedera.

Blade Wallet

Blade Wallet is a portal to Web3 built on Hedera.

It is your gateway to crypto currency exchanges, NFT marketplaces, gaming in the metaverse and more.


oro is a DAO that is community-defined and community-driven collection of decentralized finance (“DeFi”) ecosystems built on Hedera Hashgraph.

The main vision of oro is to enable communities to create DeFi ecosystems suited to their specific needs.


hgraph.io is a GraphQL API that exposes data from the Hedera network utilizing the expressiveness of GraphQL.

Utopian Lab

Utopian Laba is a NFT Development services and solutions company that builds around Hedera Hashgraph

Dead Pixel Club

Dead Pixels Ghost Club is collectable NFT art project of 10,000 ghosts built on Hedera


BankSocial is your gateway to a full range of financial services using Hedera Hashgraph.

Hgraph Punks

HGraph Punks is a NFT collection built on Hedera.

HashPack App

HashPack is a Chrome extension and browser-based crypto wallet built on Hedera for dApps, DeFi and NFTs.

Turtle Moon

Turtle Moon is an NFT infrastructure company that is building new eco-friendly NFT tools and services for the Hedera NFT ecosystem.

Mingo App

MINGO is a full ecosystem developed entirely on the hedera network, consisting of MingoWallet, MingoChat, MingoMarket, MingoLaunch & MingoPlay.

The MINGO coin runs on Hedera also and powers the entire Mingo network.


Kabuto is a Hedera mainnet network explorer that allows you to view accounts and transaction history.

Give. Ask.Borrow. Love

The give, ask, borrow, love (GABL) App is using Hedera Token Service (HTS) to transparently track and incentivize behaviors.


The RevTrax Universal Mobile Offer™ A fully digital coupon, offer, rebate and incentive experience that delivers 1:1 consumer attribution, eliminates promotional fraud and fully integrates with your existing technology.

The RevTrax solution is indirectly powered by Hedera, as it uses the new digital coupon standard AI (8112) developed by The Coupon Bureau.

Web23 Hedera

Web23 is a secure, interoperable DNS platform that allows users to tokenize domain names on Hedera Hashgraph; bringing utility and accessibility to both web2 and web3 domains.

Their Smart Domain service makes it easy to buy, sell and manage domain names, with the added function of encoding tokenized metadata.

Object Computing

Object Computing is building an open source marketplace on Hedera Hashgraph where investors can buy and sell tokenized ESG assets.

Hedera Explorer by Acoer

HederaExplorer by Acoer is a mirror node that offers a means to store and query historical data from Hedera's public mainnet.

Earthlings Hedera

Earthlings is a Play to Earn (P2E) metaverse building on Hedera.

Ashfall Hedera Liithos

Ashfall, built by Litthos will be set in the Pacific Northwest, hundreds of years in the future.

Litthos is planning to bring AAA narrative gaming to Web3.

One to 11

OneTo11 is a Play to Earn Gaming Ecosystem built on Hedera.


The launchpad and marketplace for gaming. AAA Games, streamers and esports that is built on Hedera.

DragonGlass App

DragonGlass is a cloud-based service that provides live and historical data across all distributed ledgers starting with the Hedera mainnet and testnet.


Metastable is a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a new-generation crypto asset management protocol based on liquidity portfolios.

The protocol is based on an elaborated AMM algorithm that provides exchange price calculations and controls liquidity flows.


ProvenDB uses Hedera technology to create the world’s first genuinely trustworthy data platform.

ProvenDB is for regulated industries or wherever impeccable data integrity is crucial.


Headstarter is a project accelerator and Launchpad of the Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem. Headstarter is curating the early stage Hedera Hashgraph projects and connecting them with community & decentralized funding.


Tymlez is a carbon reporting solutions for ESG compliance that provides a transparent, auditable, and verifiable decarbonisation.


Built by Swirlds Labs this Hedera network explorer allows you to explore, browse, and get stats for the Hedera Hashgraph network.

Revel Moments using Hedera Hashgraph

REVEL Moments connects athletes and fans through an interactive platform.

The REVEL Moments marketplace is powered by NFT-based tickets and tradeable experience moments underpinned by a governance #token enabled on Hedera.

eMission Software using Hedera Hashgraph

eMission Software Inc. out of Canada, plans to utilize Envision Blockchain’s Guardian platform which is built on Hedera to improve transparency and client accessibility to ESG assets such as carbon credits

Mioo Tech using Hedera Hashgraph

Mioo Tech will be using Hedera & will enable luxury fashion brands to track provenance & create sustainable metaverse ready garments that can be transposed to virtual reality by a 1-to-1 NFT collateralization of each product


HashGuild is a secondary marketplace for NFTs on Hedera


DPUB, short for decentralized publishing is building on Hedera and is focusing on NFTs, Crowdfunding, DAO and Token Gating

Gaimin using Hedera Hashgraph

Gaimin is a base layer for game developers which recently swapped from EOS to Hedera

Game developers can build NFT's blockchain functionally, & white label gaming tokens into their games, gaming platforms & Metaverse

Aria Exchange

The Aria Exchange is creative marketplace which is built on Hedera & that partners with the world’s most iconic artists, athletes and brands to bring you the rarest mix of collectibles in the world.

Hamilton's Reserve

Hamilton's Reserve will use the Hedera Smart Contract Service & allow card users to pay instantly with crypto

This will reduce payment gateway obstacles & merchant discount fees by creating a different settlement path all together


Banxa is the first on-ramp retail platform to support USDC on Hedera

Stader Labs

Stader Labs is providing a liquid staking solution on Hedera, providing HBAR token holders with staking yield without compromising on liquidity


HBots are a collection of 1,000 1/1 Robot NFTs minted on Hedera.

Envision Blockchain

Envision Blockchain has built The Guardian framework on Hedera

It's a requirements-based tokenization service that makes creating & discovering ESG assets easy.

Mint Master App

Mint Master App is a NFT platform built on Hedera Hashgraph


CYNK.io, by Tamuwa.com which is Kenya's Largest Biomass Briquette Company has plans to use the Hedera decentralized ledger to track emission reductions, enabling them to be sold to polluters aiming to offset their own emissions.


VCCESS is a SuperApp built on Hedera

Their focus is on mass consumer adoption in the NFT, Metaverse & Play To Earn Games space.

Their team includes former owner of Forever21

Hard Forks NFTs

Hard Forks NFTs is a unique & evolving NFT project that utilizes Hedera hashgraph to mint its NFTs.

Hyperledger Labs

Hedera has an approved plugin for Hyperledger Labs developers that uses Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to act as a decentralized ordering service & trust layer for any application or permissioned network.

Consentive by PrivacyCheq

Consentive by PrivacyCheq will be built on Hedera & is an incentive-based consent management system were users who give consent will be incentivized with a micro-payment.

Hyland & Hedera

Hyland & Hedera thru the Texas Blockchain Council used blockchain technology for the purpose of securing & verifying government-issued records

The Proof of concept involves issuing electronic Apostilles on Hedera & was presented to the Texas Secretary of State


MemberPass is a digital identity solution for credit unions that plans to use Hedera Token Service (HTS) to enable quick, secure, and inexpensive transactions of value, while meeting regulatory needs.


Emtech is leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to develop an enterprise-grade, highly performant, secure & energy efficient CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) infrastructure product focused on Africa & the Caribbean.

Apache Log4j

Apache Log4j based plugin that can stream application logs to the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS).


KrypC Verification-as-a Service (VaaS) uses Hedera and allows for easy verification of digital documents for companies and individuals.

KrypC VaaS has an open API that enables the issuance of verifiable digital documents from your Line-of-Business (LOB) applications.


You can accept Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) as payment.

NOWPayments is a crypto payment gateway that lets you accept Hedera Hashgraph payments and donations in an easy and convenient way.


KPay offers Fast, Friction-less micropayments built on Hedera.

Corda Plugin Hedera Hashgraph

A Corda Plugin that integrates the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to create a public/private hybrid DLT notary service.

HCS provides a public trust layer that the (Corda) private network can not offer by creating an immutable, decentralized, & ordered log of every transaction.

IBM Blockchain Hedera Hashgraph

IBM Blockchain has integrated the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) into its enterprise blockchain to create public/private hybrid type of DLT.

HCS provides an immutable, decentralized, & ordered log of every transaction.

AVC Global

Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) is integrated with AVC Global and its Subsidiary MVC's Track-and-Trace Platform for Pharmaceutical supply chain Compliance.


HashAxis is a global NFT marketplace built on Hedera for crypto collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital assets.


Travala allows you to spend your Hedera HBAR cryptocurrency on worldwide travel including hotels , flights, tours and activities.

USD Coin (USDC) on Hedera

USD Coin (USDC) on Hedera is a stablecoin brought to you by Circle and Coinbase, members of the Centre Consortium.


HbarSuite is Smart-Contract-Less DeFi on the Hedera Hashgraph Network.

Zuse Market

Zuse Market is a NFT launchpad and marketplace built on Hedera Hashgraph.

Their mission is to make NFTs simple.

HyperStack Credential Cloud

HyperStack Credential Cloud is a Web 3.0 platform for issuing, secure & smart credentials, as well as certificates, badges and kudos on Hedera Hashgraph.

Capture App by Numbers Protocol

The Capture App by Numbers Protocol uses the Starling Framework for Data Integrity. The Starling Framework is built using Hedera.

All photos taken by the Capture App has their metadata certified & immutably stored on Hedera


CanopyRight is a system for licensing cannabis strains using Hedera (DLT) Distributed Ledger Technology.

Cannabis Breeders can register, protect & license strains

Cultivators, nurseries & brands can license strains to grow & research.

Hashgraph Cards

Hashgraph Cards are unique NFTs Cards Collectibles, minted on Hedera Token Service.


Hashport is built on top of Hedera and is a public utility that enables the flow of digital assets between decentralized networks.

Hashport initially connects Hedera, Ethereum, & Polygon networks, more coming soon.

PingOne by Ping Identity

PingOne by Ping Identity uses Hedera public ledger to cryptographically secure credential records

Beem It App

Beem It App - backed by Eftpos & built on HederaThis digital wallet & payments app allows anyone to send & receive money & micropayments using your phone in seconds, regardless of the bank.


Sparkle-CS works with brick & mortar stores and is leveraging the Hedera Consensus Service (HCS) to store and verify eReceipts, ensuring data on real-time transactions is securely logged and verified.


SKUx is a payment-based consumer offer & settlement system that runs on Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera's (DLT) Digital Ledger Tech provides retailers & brands with trust, transparency, access, and environmental sustainability to payment-based consumer offers


Danae is a NFT platform dedicated to art galleries, it uses Hedera to mint its NFT's

Danae creates a space for fine art NFTs where collectors, galleries and curators can connect easily.

Ready Doc by Intiva Health

Ready Doc by Intiva Health uses Hedera Hashgraph to provide a HIPAA compliant, fast, secure medical credential & verification platform.

Ready Doc creates an immutable, digitized version of credentials and the verification of the credentials which shortens future verification's from months to minutes.

After a medical professional’s credentials are uploaded and verified in Ready Doc, that person can share the information with any medical facility and obtain near-instant privileges at that facility

Hash Horses NFT collection

Hash Horses is an original NFT Collection of Crypto NFT Collectible Horses, including both Wild and Civilized.

The Hash Horses NFT collection is minted on Hedera Hashgraph Token Service.

Rev3al Digital Copyright Protection

REV3AL uses Hedera as its Network Protocol

Rev3al Digital Copyright Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technology protects artists, creators, & owners of intellectual property across the digital spectrum & into the physical world

Lazy Super Heroes

"Welcome to the Lair" - Lazy Super Heroes is a unique, one of a kind collection of NFT's minted on Hedera Hashgraph Token Service.

Yamgo App

The Yamgo App enables users to earn $HBAR, the native #cryptocurrency of the Hedera network, for actions such as creating an account, referring friends, watching videos, completing offers, playing mobile games, and more.

Seun Water

Seun Water markets and sells an IoT device that monitors water quality and assurance.

The collected data is as logged as immutable proof to Hedera. Basically Seun is using Hedera as a "Trust Layer" to provide undeniable proof of the water quality at any given time.


Sayl is launching its $Sayl utility token on Hedera Token Service (HTS)

Sayl, an integrated customer relation & commerce platform. Supporting restaurant chains, global brands and retail to better understand and connect with their customers.

The Sayl platform is currently in use by more than 300 brands, restaurant chains & retailers -they use Sayl for online and in-store/in-resto ordering.

Including L'Oréal, P&G, Brussels Airport, Brussels Expo, Ellis Gourmet, Huggy's Bars and Otomat


Taekion is an immutable, verifiable & tamper-proof data file system built using Hedera.

It provides a trusted real-time notifications of any changes & military-grade protection from creation, usage, and backup


KoalaKlub is using Hedera to mint NFT's for its collection of unique one of kind digital art.


SIKI is a NFT music streaming platform built on Hedera.

SIKI tokens which are on Hedera main-net are used for NFT creation, NFT purchasing, royalty payments, streaming, tipping, subscribing, promotion & more.

SaucerSwap Labs

SaucerSwap Labs is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol that facilitates token swaps on the Hedera network using Hedera's Smart Contract Service (HSCS) v2.0 and Token Service (HTS)

Third Act

Third Act is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace for the theatre community that uses Hedera for it token creation.

Purchases transactions of NFTs also use the stablecoin USDC, minted on the Hedera network.

Nada Digital

Nada Digital is a Korean game company that used Hedera Token Service (HTS) to create the NADA Token. NADA's are used for in-game token rewards

It's game, Slime World is a Play & Earn NFT Game


Joget integrated Hedera into their open source no-code / low-code application platform of immutable blockchain/DLT logged forms

ServiceNow Hedera

ServiceNow is bringing Hedera distributed ledger technology to their global user base. Initial Uses include Trusted SLAs and e-Procurement Services.


Meeco chose Hedera Hashgraph as their underlying public distributed ledger (DLT) on which to build a unified wallet offering and SDK enables startup and enterprise organizations the ability to directly incorporate the following applications with ease: decentralized identity, verifiable credentials based on W3C standards, micropayments, and tokens.


Dropp uses Hedera to enable micropayments for small value & real-time transactions in both HBAR cryptocurrency & US Dollars.


TaskBar is a decentralized services marketplace that uses Hedera for fast and reliable payments and governance.

Calaxy App

The Calaxy App by basketball legend Spencer Dinwiddie is using Hedera for minting & transferring fungible & non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Calaxy allows fans to directly connect with creators (Stars like Spencer) from around the world.

AllianceBlock's AllianceBridge

AllianceBlock's AllianceBridge uses Hedera to create an immutable & verifiable log of transactions between its validator network.


Neuron is using Hedera to provide a tamper-proof immutable record of all critical communications between sensors and drones.


GoMint uses Hedera to improve the minting & settlement times of NFTs from minutes to seconds, reduce transaction fees by over 99% compared to Ethereum

docStribute by ALT/AVE

docStribute by ALT/AVE uses Hedera Consensus Service to record & track immutable document sharing.

By sending a hash of the document to the ledger, both parties know the information has not been tampered with.

TOKO by DLA Piper

TOKO by DLA Piper uses Blockchain/DLT tech by Hedera to issue NFTs representing assets like real estate, fine art, intellectual property, ESG, debt restructuring, fund structuring, equity / digital IPO & reinsurance.

Avery Dennision's Atma.io

Avery Dennision's Atma.io connected product cloud is using Hedera as an immutable & verifiable digital history for physical products, including lifecycle events such as creation, shipping & sale.


SUKU Omni uses GS1 standards & the Hedera network to securely verify the authenticity of products throughout a Supply Chain, which strengthen the trust between partners, their customers & end-users.


DOVU is powered by Hedera, to issue and exchange carbon credits in real-time to support the reduction of their carbon footprint, enabling a more sustainable future for everyone.


Unibright integrated its Freequity platform with Hedera Token Service, tokens on Freequity are able to be deployed at a fraction of the cost with low-latency transactions.

The Starling Framework

The Starling Framework uses Hedera to guarantee the integrity of media files metadata by recording immutable & tamper-proof hashes of the files on the Hedera public ledger.

The framework also works in conjunction with the decentralized storage network Filecoin (IPFS), where the media themselves are stored in a decentralized manner.


Everyware uses DLT tech by Hedera to keep an immutable, tamper-proof, and verifiable record of sensor data, thus providing real time asset tracking & monitoring of assets in the Healthcare, Industrial, Maritime and Wildlife industry.


Maalexi offers wholesale cross-border trade of food & agriculture products.

It uses Hedera to prove the authenticity of transactional documents & the credibility of both parties.

Hala Systems

Hala Systems uses the Hedera Consensus Service to collect digital metadata evidence of human rights violations.

Thus, providing a tamper-proof, cryptographically secure record of evidence.

Safe Health Systems

Safe Health Systems uses Hedera for healthcare data authenticity by creating an immutable and verifiable log of information, that preserves patient privacy and at the same time meets regulatory compliance.

Datahash (formerly Entrust)

Datahash (formerly Entrust) is using the Hedera blockchain/DLT tech to provide a trusted mechanism to track & trace agriculture supply chain across the wine & #dairy industry, ensuring its authenticity.

The Chopra Foundation

The Chopra Foundation uses Hedera decentralized technology to ensure both content verifiability & proof-of-donation within their Never alone World App.


Manetu uses the blockchain/DLT tech by Hedera to track/trace responses to data privacy requests & provide enterprises with a trusted way to manage this information & share it with consumers & regulators.

The Coupon Bureau

The Coupon Bureau built a new world wide standard (AI-8112) for coupons on Hedera.

This new Universal Digital Coupon is being adopted industry wide by manufacturers like Procter and Gamble and retailers like Walmart & Target.


AdsDax is an open advertising ecosystem that leverages the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger technology (DLT) to track and verify advertising events.

Earth ID

Earth ID is a self-sovereign identity and decentralized identity management platform that uses Hedera as its public ledger

Tune FM

Tune FM is a tokenized music economy that is built on Hedera.

Artists get paid by the second of streamed content & can mint NFTs for exclusive content & sell them to fans for JAM tokens

Power Transition

Power Transition is an energy marketplace & management platform for consumer & business microgrids.

Users can have a direct, peer-to-peer exchange of HBAR for their energy


A secure & verifiable digital ID & credential management solution built by Fobi Inc.

Signed & secured on Hedera Hashgraph

Used in hospitality, education & markets such as tobacco, liquor & cannabis


Software development firm building on Hedera Hashgraph & focused on solving healthcare challenges with Open Data.


The Theom provable protection platform utilizes Hedera Consensus Service to create an auditable log of events, ensuring that any action taken on customer data by Theom or the customer’s cloud provider is provable.

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